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Title:In Memoriam February 2018: Stars we lost in Sports Industry #InMemoriam
Published:07 March 2018
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In Memoriam February 2018: Stars we lost in Sports Industry #InMemoriam

In this video, we want to honor those stars we lost from the world of Sports. Like the ESPY Awards Ceremony does every year with a heartfelt In Memoriam, we want to say our goodbyes to stars from the sports scene that are now in heaven.

Edwin Jackson, 26, American football player
Laurin Pepper, 88, American football and baseball player
Ben Agajanian, 98, American football player
John Martinkovic, 91, American football player
Gary Seear, 65, New Zealand rugby union player
Liam Miller, 36, Irish footballer
Wally Moon, 87, American baseball player
Sir Nicholas Shehadie, 92, Australian rugby union player
Mogau Tshehla, 26, South African footballer,
Danilo Caçador, 32, Brazilian footballer
Tito Francona, 84, American baseball player
Chuck Klausing, 92, American football player
Osvaldo Suárez, 83, Argentine long-distance runner.
Fred Carr, 71, American football player
Sergei Litvinov, 60, Russian hammer thrower, Olympic champion
Georgi Markov, 46, Bulgarian footballer,
Jack Hamilton, 79, American baseball player
Quini, 68, Spanish footballer
Cliff Bourland, 97, American sprinter, Olympic champion in 1948
Károly Palotai, 82, Hungarian football player and referee, Olympic champion in 1964
Yury Tyukalov, 87, Russian rower, Olympic champion in 1952 and 1956
Scott Westgarth, 31, British boxer

May they rest in peace

Video by: Guillermo Paz

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